Blind Diving In

Is it in the letting go?
The recycling of breath
The release 
of colored memories
To open your chest 
and paint your words like watercolors

When skin is pulled too tight
An epidermis of fear
that holds you 
walks in front of you

Can you circumvent labyrinths
of life’s little challenges?
Opaque and ever moving

You do not break
You bend
You seep through skin
Bleeding fog
Osmosis of the soul

Falling softly at your feet
It’s not so much a breaking out
A running away
It’s a blind diving in
You’re only beginning to break inside

7 thoughts on “Blind Diving In

    1. Thank you again! I’ll be reading your blog soon 🙂 No, I haven’t attempted to publish anything. I actually stopped writing for a long time and just started again this past May. I’m loving it. I do have another blog coming about parenting/single parenting/parenting a child with autism, it will be a different style and format. I would love to self publish, I honestly wasn’t sure anyone would be interested. My own worst critic 😉


      1. I would say your poems are worthy and ready, and it may give you even more motivation. I was thinking of trying it out this summer as well, perhaps we can go through the experience together?

        I think I know a site that greatly facilitates the process, let me know if it sounds like fun to you?


      2. Okay so what’s the first step? I guess choosing a bunch of our poems through the last few years and editing them in some kind of cohesive whole.

        Brainstorming titles for our collections? (:

        What I like about the site is I think you can link it to amazon kindle and such. The site is:


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