An incantation, a long liquid breath infused with lavender, salt from the sea and a call of a red breasted robin who wakes me from sleep. The gatekeeper of the morning, an echoing song, tones of the soul reaching me.

A walker between worlds, a communicator through dreams, in forests I’ve known yet never been. A whisperer of the dead, a carrier of a torch, of the unspoken words, the last memory never planted, infinite dormancy. 

Deep within the eyes of deer and owls as guides, as I see in daytime, near dusk, silent and still, a cryogenic connection. A dancer in and out of flames, a secret garden, wild with color, pollinated by endurance and the sweet, pure laughter of a child. Head tilted toward the sky, the scent of pine encompassing, feet dangling from a tire swing, realizing the length and width of the world.

An upside down universe, collecting caterpillars and tadpoles, picking daisies and falling asleep in beds of moss.

These are the gifts I give you- of stories under sheets that make him laugh until your belly hurts, strawberry kisses, and soft, warm hands. Meteor showers and breezy night’s lying in a hammock, special rocks and acorns filling pockets, magic gifts from leprechauns, dog spirits blowing kisses from the clouds.

An opening to shine, to truly love and grow uninhibited. Teach your hazel eyes, how to observe, not only see. A lake you call an ocean, a magic seed planted under a full moon. The beauty in magic and mystery.
Our lungs soar, hearts reach, throats full of wonder, bare feet walking on curiosities. 

Incantations of oranges and new found vocabulary, fireflies and independence, of sparklers set against the summer night skies and geodes that collect the light.

To madness and quick and quiet moments softly murmering like crickets, the gift of expression and creation. Touch, feel, ingest and hold these things dearly in a velvet pouch, a soft, worn leather book, a fine point pen that writes effortlessly. These treasures sewn in flesh and hair, collected in cells and platelets. Savor. Keep them close for me.